In Memory of Violet


“Is not wisdom found among the aged?”  Job 12:12

Today I went to graveside services for Violet Guritz, a remarkable 101 year old woman who I had the privilege of meeting six months ago. When a fellow Three Creeks Historical Association member learned that I interview and write the life stories of every day folks, she encouraged me to meet and interview one of the oldest remaining Lowell citizens at that time – Violet Guritz.

Violet was 100 years old when I met her, and despite the fact that she was unable to walk she still had a healthy mind to maneuver her electric wheelchair and to cheerfully share stories from her past and share her wisdom learned through her long life journey. She shared stories ranging from riding a horse and buggy to school to working daily on her family’s dairy farm to moving to town with her brothers to living in assisted living quarters.

It was a rush against time to research a bit of her story; visit the farm where she was born in 1915; and compile, format, proof and print her book, “Violet Guritz – A Trunkful of Memories – Reminiscing on the Past 100 Years.” We were blessed with the privilege of giving her a printed copy of her life story at her 101st birthday party on February 21, 2016 that Francy Goetz and her family hosted for her. Francy was an integral part of completing Violet’s life story as she willingly gave me a tour of her farm that was previously owned by Violet and her family, along with providing more information, pictures and documents to be a part of her book.

I have been blessed to have met Violet and am thankful to have had the opportunity to learn about her life and preserve her stories for future generations to read.

If you have an elderly friend or family member, now is the time to open up your laptop or grab paper and pen and start Keeping Your Memories of the stories they have shared with you or arrange a time to meet with them and record their memories that can be preserved for future generations to read.

“Remember the days of old; consider the generations long past. Ask your father and he will tell you, your elders, and they will explain to you.” – Deuteronomy 32:7