It’s National Puppy Day

2014-09-06The saying goes, “A dog is man’s best friend,” and I whole heartedly agree in regards to my dog, Toby.  He greets me with a wagging tail when I return home from a long day at work.  He stays close by my side if I’m not feeling well. Toby gives me unconditional love and comfort when needed. He is always forgiving and never holds grudges.  Where I stand, he stands. Where I sit, he sits. Where I sleep, he sleeps.  He is definitely my best friend.

What better day than National Puppy Day to open your laptop or grab paper and pen and use the following questions to start Keeping Your Memories of your pet:

  • List the pets you’ve had through the years.
  • Did you take them for daily walks?
  • Have your pets been like family members or just like animals?
  • Did you ever have a pet that ran away?
  • Describe the emotion you felt when you had to part with your pet.





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