Dandelions, Hedge Clippers, Sweat and Iced Tea

Mom and Dad's Backyard in 2005

This beautiful warm morning I was outside watering my gardens and remembering year after year Mom and Dad (who are now deceased) spending hours in their backyard. They loved working back there painstakingly watering and maintaining the flower beds to keep them beautiful.

Back in the 1960’s it was a very tiring job as muscle was needed with the manual equipment they used. Sore knees came to Mom from endlessly being on the ground using the garden tool to individually dig up each dandelion by the root. Sore arms and hand blisters came with using the old fashioned manual hedge clippers after trimming all of the hedges that lined all sides of the yard.

Dad would be in his t-shirt and dark blue work pants with his blue railroad handkerchief hanging from his pocket ready to pull at a moment’s notice to wipe off the dripping sweat and grass clippings that flew up at him while pushing the manual lawnmower. With no air conditioning it would be too hot to go inside when the job was completed, so Mom and Dad would pour a glass of ice tea and sit under a shady tree to sit and admire their work.

Now my husband and I are doing the same as them. Of course, we have it much easier with battery operated clippers to use to cut back tree branches as we don’t have a single hedge in our yard. We attempt to use chemicals to cut back on our dandelions, the gas powered riding lawn mower makes the job much faster and after a minimal sweaty time outside, we come into our air conditioned house to cool off, open up a bottled water and admire our work looking out my window. Will be interesting for our children to read this in thirty years and see what they remember!

Are you Keeping Your Memories? If you haven’t been, purchase a journal or open up your laptop and start typing the answers to these questions:

  • When you were a child, did you have flower beds?
  • What kind of flowers did you grow?
  • What kind of yard/garden tools did your parents use?
  • What yard work chores, if any, did you have to do?

One thought on “Dandelions, Hedge Clippers, Sweat and Iced Tea

  1. Remembering my Dad today. He went to Heaven 13 years ago today. He loved his vegetable garden, and he spent so many hours out there, planting, watering, hoeing, and picking. He would also can tomatoes, salsa, his very hot taco sauce, green beans, with my Mom. He also gave away a lot of his produce, always proud to share his bounty. He really loved gardening and his beautiful vegetable garden. Miss my Dad and his wonderful veggies.

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