Friends Sharpen Friends…

2015-03-15 HBC friends

Proverbs 27:17 reads, “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.”  Forty years ago I became friends with these girls from my church youth group. I was fourteen years old. They were sixteen and seventeen years old. At that age it was a significant age difference, but they still included me and welcomed me in their group.

The next two years I joined them on activities with the youth group. I spent many afternoons and nights at Kathy’s home eating her mom’s delectable home baked goods in between laughing and talking with one another as well as flirting with the guys who also came to her home. I loved not only the late night laughter and good times, but also the late night talks about life and teenage hardships that we helped each other through.

Time quickly passed and these ladies graduated from high school, and we all started on our separate paths. Some started working full time and others went to college. Next came weddings and children. On that path we also crossed intersections of sadness with divorces and death. I occasionally kept in touch with a few through annual Christmas cards but even those slowly stopped.

However, with time our paths crossed again when Kathy began coordinating reunions, and we all easily started catching up with one another again. The reunions along with social media have helped us to keep in touch with one another and to reach out during times of celebration, times of medical needs, and times of sorrow.

These ladies have played an important part in my life and I find it important to preserve the memories of my high school friendships for my children and future grandchildren. One day they will be able to read how life was like for me as a teenager in the 1970’s and how good friends helped me then and now.

Now is the time for you to pull out your laptop or grab paper and pen and start Keeping Your Memories of your friends and record how they influenced you, how you helped them and how they helped you.

  • Who was your best friend in your neighborhood?
  • What do you remember about your friend’s house?
  • What do you remember about your friend’s family?
  • What did you and your friend have in common?
  • What types of celebrations, trials and sorrows did you support each other through?


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