Tribute to Delainey Belle


Perhaps some angels are sent to us on earth as babies to fulfill a purpose and to give us unforgettable memories and awareness of the importance of life regardless of the age, size, mental or physical capacity of an individual.  Sadly, for us, there are times these angels leave us too early. My grandniece, Delainey Belle Woloszyn, was one of those angels.

Delainey Belle was born November 15, 2010 with Trisomy 18 which is now known to be a terminal genetic chromosomal disorder and occurs in about one in every 3000 live births. During the pregnancy her parents were informed by professionals that if Delainey survived the pregnancy and birth, chances were that she would live only a few days. Statistics were given that less than ten percent of T18 babies live to their first birthday, and if T18 babies do survive, they will be incompatible with life.

Delainey Belle defied the odds and statistics given against her and lived to share twenty-three months and one day of precious time and joy with all who met her in her short life. She needed intensive medical care that medical professionals denied her.  However, she did get intensive physical therapy which fortunately was provided by a therapist who had a granddaughter who also had T18 and understood Delainey’s needs.

Delainey Belle was given a charismatic personality that brought smiles to all who met her. She was an angel unable to speak but could gaze into your eyes and communicate her love through her eyes. With the soft touch of her tiny fingers she shared her love as she caressed your cheek. She communicated through her smiles, laughs, grunts and cries!

Our angel, Delainey Belle, went to heaven on October 16, 2012.  My memories of her will be with me forever, and I will pass them on to my descendants so they will know about her too.  Recording the stories of those with any disability is important for family members as they will be able to see the essence of their journey.  Love among family and friends is the best foundation of therapy. Grab your laptop or paper and pen and start Keeping Your Memories of the special person in your life and how he or she made an impact on you, your family and all those around you.

March is designated as Trisomy Awareness Month and you will find more information about Trisomy at or  We want people to be aware of this condition and help overcome the conflict for professionals to give T18 babies a fighting chance.



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