The Stories Behind the Pictures


Don’t let your family photos end up in a second-hand shop or antique store! I was in an antique store when I ran across this collectible suitcase holding priceless unidentified and undated pictures. I sifted through them wondering who were these people, what were the stories behind them, and what kind of life did they experience.

Many people take the time to dress up, pose for the pictures and pay the cost for them and too soon those pictures get set aside, forgotten and thrown in a drawer, box, or suitcase. Time goes by and a family member comes across the pictures and no one knows who is in them or the story behind them. The pictures often are tossed or sold in an estate sale.

To avoid losing priceless family history, I repeatedly advise people to organize and name their photos so generations from now family members are able to identify the people and the occasion in the photo. It is best to use a soft graphite pencil and to write on the back of the photo along the top or bottom edge adding names, date and location of photo and the event of the photo.

Keeping Your Memories of family photos preserved makes for great presents too. Keep that in mind for the coming year to compile a book with pictures and stories. When that book is thrown in a drawer and pulled out 25 years later, the identities and life of those in the pictures will be preserved. Feel free to contact me at if you don’t have the time to do this on your own, I will be more than happy to give you a consultation.


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