When I Grow Up, I Want to Be…

 Teaching was ingrained in Joanna

Teaching was ingrained in Joanna

 This weekend we are celebrating my daughter’s birthday. She will turn 28 on Monday and those years have flown by quickly. The memories that we have been blessed with are infinite.

It has been a blessing to watch my baby girl grow from an infant who needed me completely to a teenager who completely did not want me and then to an adult who no longer needed me but wisely still asked for advice.

Joanna has been a first grade teacher for six years. Every year when I visit her classroom I stand back and am awed when I see how the children love her dearly and she the same.

It is evident in the pictures of Joanna flipping through baby books, decorating a bulletin board in her bedroom, experiencing hands-on creativity, reading to and playing school with her brothers that teaching was ingrained in her. It is her natural gift. From childhood she always dreamed of being a teacher. I’m proud of her for accomplishing her dream and hope she continues to reach for more.

If we think back upon our childhood, haven’t we all had dreams of what we wanted to be when we grew up? How many of us followed our dreams and reached them despite any obstacles that came our way?

Pull out your laptop or grab paper and pen and start Keeping Your Memories of what your dream was and how you reached that goal or how you failed to make it and settled for less. This is a great way to share with your children and/or grandchildren how important it is to make wise decisions because in the end you must live with what you settled for.

• What was your childhood dream?
• How were you able to carry out that dream?
• What obstacles stopped you from reaching that dream?
• What career did you settle on?
• What would you have done to change the route of your life?



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