Something Special in the Air

1969-09 - Chicago - O'Hare Airport.
This forty-six year old picture is dated when you see common people, standing on an observation deck watching travelers boarding the airplanes and listening and watching the landings and take offs. With the tragic times today with extremely tight security it is amazing to see this picture that was taken of my mother and me at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport standing on the observation deck.

The picture reminds me of the many times we drove to O’Hare Airport, long known as the busiest airport in the country. At that time, there were multiple airlines including TWA, Pan Am, Delta, American, Northwest Airlines and Northwest Orient.

When we were picking up or dropping off relatives, we never had to make a quick load or unload because we always parked in the garage and walked with the person to their gate and sat with them until take off.

It was amazing to watch the planes taking off and landing and listening to all the flight announcements. It was great to people watch. I enjoyed watching the mass of people in the terminals who were in suits and dresses. As a young girl, I always envied the stewardesses of the 1960’s who looked like models in their uniforms and hats.

Reminiscing over old photo albums and pictures is enjoyable as you see how times and culture have changed over the years. If you can find a picture of yourself as a child at a park, museum, or well-known location that has changed considerably, start Keeping Your Memories of how different it is today compared to what you experienced.


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