Off to the Start of a New Year

High school newspaper staff and advisor gave feedback, encouragement and support in writing endeavors.

High school newspaper staff and advisor gave feedback, encouragement and support in writing endeavors.

Today is day three of the new year, and we have already read buckets of endless resolutions that people have drawn up and hope to maintain. Let me add to that bucket a few of my resolutions:

First on the list and first one to cross off is switching over to posting my writings on this blog in place of Facebook. I have been wanting to do that but have been hesitant as blogging is new to me. What better time to start something new than at the first of the year!

Other resolutions:

• Read more books. Sharon Lippincott, author of The Heart and Craft of Life Writing, posted on her blog: “Let everything you read serve as a self-directed writing workshop. Read once for the story and review to explore structure behind the magic. Make notes to nail those insights, then review the book, for your benefit as well as the author’s.”

• Scan old family photos. I have found as I do this as part of a service that I offer by the time it is scanned, downloaded, cropped and labeled it takes 1.5 minutes to scan each photograph . Extremely time-consuming but beneficial to do and the photographs are preserved for future generations.

• Journal more often. I have journaled for over forty years and I love looking back on what I have written in my journals years ago. The last eight years I have converted to typing my writings and in the last four years I have added pictures to my journal. Many times I missed the opportunity to write but instead added a picture and date to my digital journal. At the end of the year I was reviewing the year’s entries, and I had to type the story behind the pictures. That helped bring back the memory of what I had experienced, but it would have been much easier if I had slotted a half hour every couple of days to do this rather than cram it into an entire day.

• Take a writing class. Or obtain a writing mentor giving me constructive feedback. I could learn new approaches, new ideas and new ways of looking at my writing. From the mentor or other students I could be inspired to write more and write better.

What resolutions do you want to make in regards to recording your life story for future generations to read? Would love to hear feedback from you readers these past few years if you have been inspired to start Keeping Your Memories because of these weekly posts.

Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year!


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